From alcohol-free to Eisbock – Störtebeker enjoys a record year

Press release dated 28/12/2018

Last year marks a fresh milestone in the history of the brewery.

No matter whether it’s alcohol-free beers or gourmet beers with over 9.0% vol. alcohol: the Störtebeker speciality beers were in demand as never before in 2018. A total of 248,000 hectolitres were sold by the craft brewery in the last 12 months. A new record and a considerable increase compared to 2017.

“Last year marks a fresh milestone in the history of our brewery”, says brewery proprietor Jürgen Nordmann with obvious pleasure. “And this isn’t just due to the hot summer. Whereas the Germany-wide beer market is predicting a small increase of around 1%, we enjoyed clear two-figure growth”, says Nordmann. There are several reasons for this success. Every tenth Störtebeker speciality beer sold is now alcohol-free. Here, too, the craft brewery is considerably ahead of the national average and is perfectly positioned in this growth market.
But the other speciality beers brewed in Stralsund – the Atlantik Ale, Scotch Ale and Eisbock beers – also enjoyed strong growth in sales figures. Some varieties even saw 40% growth in some areas. The Atlantik Ale has risen to become the third-most popular speciality beer after Störtebeker’s Pilsener beer and Bernstein Weizen. As in the preceding years, the Weizen beer was able to maintain its market leadership in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. This means that it has been years since a Bavarian wheat beer dominated in this state.

Yet Störtebeker is not only one of Germany’s most successful breweries in terms of sales figures. With a total of 21 awards, the brewers from Stralsund have proven that they are also appreciated by beer experts and the sector at the international level. The brewery site also had an excellent year: over 15,000 visitors from throughout Germany and abroad took part in the brewery tours and discovered the world of Störtebeker speciality beers. One event highlight at the brewery was the second German Homebrewing Championship at the end of September, at which 1,300 visitors celebrated the diversity of beer.
“This year’s success shows that our concept of exceptional speciality beers is well-received and that we have invested in the right areas”, is how Nordmann summarises developments. Alongside technical innovations, the key phase of what will be the biggest construction project at the brewery to date is set to begin soon: a new bottling, packaging and logistics hall with a high-bay warehouse is set to go into trial operation in early 2020.

New jobs thanks to successful development

Precisely 30 new employees and 7 new trainees have joined the Störtebeker team this year. Specialists from throughout Germany have been drawn to Stralsund, including returning natives who appreciate the great quality of life by the Baltic coast.
The craft brewery is currently looking for qualified staff for the following positions:

  • Brewers and maltsters (m/w/d)
  • Trade Marketing Manager (m/w/d)
  • Specialist in warehouse logistics (m/w/d)

Additional information and vacancies can be found at

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