Recommendations of our chief.

Recommendations of our chief.
Apple pie with chocolate mousse
Best with Glüh-Bierpunsch

Apple pie with triple chocolate mousse

Our recipe for December.

A classic winter dessert with marzipan and almonds. Combined with Glüh-Bierpunsch it's perfect for the Christmas menu.
Lamb chops with braised tomatoes
Best with Schwarz-Bier

Lamb chops with braised tomatoes

Our recipe for November.

This autumn recipe impresses with its easy preparation and a refined, delicious taste
Knuckle of lamb with hokkaido pumpkin and cherry tomatoes
Best with Roggen-Weizen

Braised knuckle of lamb with pumpkin and cherry tomatoes

Our recipe for October.

Juicy knuckles of lamb and pumpkin in perfect combination with our Roggen-Weizen - our recipe for autumn.
Fried polenta slice with braised tomatoes
Best with Bernstein-Weizen Bio

Fried Polenta Slice with Braised Tomatoes

Our recipe for September.

Full-bodied wheat beer, creamy polenta, and fruity cherry tomatoes - a delicious culinary combination.
Pasta with chanterelles and rocket
Best with Bernstein-Weizen

Pasta with chanterelles and rocket

Our recipe for September.

Bernstein-Weizen and pasta are the perfect culinary couple. Fresh chanterelles give it that certain something.
Smoked fish pot
Best with Bernstein-Weizen Alkoholfrei

Smoked fish pot

Our recipe for August.

With this recipe, you are the chef. The smoked fish pot is a highlight, especially with our Bernstein-Weizen Alkoholfrei.
Caramelised tomato tofu with asparagus-parpadelle
Best with Frei-Bier

Caramelised tomato tofu with asparagus salad

Our recipe for July.

Crispy asparagus, soft caramel and roasted aromas combined with refreshing Frei-Bier. Perfect for warm days.
Veal roulade with mashed potatoes and chanterelles
Best with Pilsener-Bier

Veal roulade with mashed potatoes and fried chanterelles

Our recipe for June.

Our Pilsener-Bier is the ideal completion for hearty meat recipes with that certain something.
Pike-Perch with warm vegetable salad
Best with Keller-Bier 1402

Pike-Perch with warm vegetable salad and mashed sweet potatoes

Our recipe for May.

Fish is part of the Baltic Sea like sand on the beach. With green asparagus it is the beste combination for Keller-Bier 1402.
Baltic Sea halibut
Best with Atlantik-Ale

Baltic Sea halibut on mashed carrots and saffron jus

Our recipe for April.

Atlantik-Ale and fish - a perfect combination. Combined with refined spices like saffron it is a true culinary delight.
Tarte flambé with colored tomatoes
Best with Baltik-Lager

Tarte Flambé with Coloured Tomatoes, Goat Cheese and Rocket

Our recipe for March.

Tarte Flambé with ham and onions has its origin in the Alsace - but there are more delicious varieties to try out.
Triple chocolate mousse
Best with Stark-Bier

Triple chocolate mousse

Our recipe for February.

With every layer an new tasty combination - from bitter sweet to vanilla or coffee. A delicious dessert for every season.
Coffee mousse in a pyramid cake wrap
Best with Hanse-Porter

Coffee mousse in a pyramid cake wrap

Our recipe for January.

Hanse-Porter, coffee mousse, and soft cake – a sweet ending for your holiday menu with the family.

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