A new edition to the range: Störtebeker Übersee-Pils celebrates its première at BIOFACH

Press release dated 14/02/2019

The perfect accompaniment to white meats, fish and salads.

No matter whether it’s alcohol-free beers or gourmet beers with over 9.0% vol. alcohol: the Störtebeker speciality beers were in demand as never before in 2018. A total of 248,000 hectolitres were sold by the craft brewery in the last 12 months. Its organic beers proved especially popular, with a two-figure growth in sales in 2018. At the BIOFACH fair, a new speciality organic beer celebrated its global première.

The Störtebeker organic range has been expanded: with its new, powerfully tart Übersee Pils, the Stralsund-based craft brewery delivers a hoppy, North German organic beer and thereby fills a flavour niche in this segment. “Our Übersee-Pils is an exciting new interpretation of the classic pilsner and offers aficionados and the curious a fruity-dry flavour experience that eschews formulaic beer flavours”, is how brewer and production manager Christoph Puttnies describes the product. The Übersee-Pils is therefore the perfect addition to the Störtebeker organic range. “A wide variety of exceptional flavours, great drinkability and high quality standards are the secret to our success. We now have organic certification for 10 different beers, which additionally underscores this high standard”, Puttnies continues. And this is paying off: with a total of 21 awards, the Störtebeker brewers have proven that they are also appreciated by beer experts and the sector at the international level.
The new Übersee Pils is currently being exclusively presented at BIOFACH, the world’s leading trade fair for organic food products in Nuremberg. Anyone interested in sampling this hoppy-tart speciality brew and the other organic beers from Störtebeker can still visit the brewery’s stand in Hall 6, Stand 6-251.

The Störtebeker Übersee-Pils

Übersee-Pils (literally ‘overseas pilsner’) is a strongly hopped, bottom-fermented pilsner with 12.5% original wort.
Enjoy at 8°C. 5.2% vol. alcohol.
Pilsner brewing malts produce a slender-bodied beer. Bottom fermentation gives it its tangy carbonation and refreshing mouthfeel. Strong hopping with Hallertauer Blanc creates the beer’s dry bitterness. The addition of Cascade hops at the end of the brewing process provides fresh fruit notes. This makes this beer the perfect accompaniment to white meats, fish and salads.

Geschrieben von: Elisa Raus
Veröffentlicht am: Feb 14, 2019
beer sommelier Elisa Raus

Elisa Raus is the current World Champion of Beer Sommeliers - the first woman in the history of the competition. Since 2013 she is responsible for press and public relations.

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