About the origin of our food

Sustainable Cuisine

Vom Feld auf den Teller

True to the „From farm to fork" philosophy we want to create transparency for our guests about the quality and origin of the food served in our restaurant and also provide interesting facts about our suppliers.
When it comes to the composition of our menu from the Nordic cuisine we count on products with a local or regional identity and source our ingredients from producers and farmers from Germany and Northern Europe.
The close link to our suppliers is just as important as the sustainable preparation of every single product. According to the idea behind „From farm to fork" the transparency of our supply chain extends from the field to the dish on the plate. Needless to say that every single supplier is an important part of this chain. Beside excellent quality meat and fish our chefs work with vegetables passionately grown from certified farmers.
Find our suppliers and the producers of our ingredients on the following pages.

Fresh delicacies

The „Frische Paradies Hamburg“ is our reliable partner and supplier for products of all kind. „Freshness means respectful handling and sustainable trading of food. High quality is not a mass-produced good. You have to search for the best producers, processing methods and products. We employ more than 40 trained purchasers who are busy finding excellent products all over the world.“ - Frische Paradies Hamburg

Vegetables & fruits

The selection of vegetables and fruits processed at the Störtebeker in the Elbphilharmonie is composed at the Hamburg whole sale market by C.D. Albers.
From the sea
The traditional Hamburg based company „Hummer Pedersen“ daily provides us with exquisite fresh fish for our Nordic cuisine. “All imports are subject to a strict selection. Quality and purity are our first priority. Our wealth of experience pays off when it comes to appropriate animal welfare and preparation.“ Hummer Pedersen

Fresh pasta

La Pastaia is a family business in its third generation founded in 1986 in Hamburg. Specialized on the production of homemade high-quality “truly fresh pasta“ the Hamburg based pasta manufactory brings some Italian food culture to the Störtebeker restaurant at the Elbphilharmonie. The pasta dough is made with a traditional family recipe and free of preservatives.

Cheese specialties

We serve handmade cheese specialties from the „Backensholzer Hof“ located in the Northern German countryside.

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